Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SA year after the Nepal earthquake: A Sherpa's views

On the day the earthquake hit Everest, our group had actually just trekked back to Basecamp from Camp 2, even more up the mountain. We were having a late breakfast in among the tents, planning our move back up the slope the next day.

Suddenly, around noon, the ground began shaking. Fog had rolled in across the valley and visibility was poor. As quickly as the ground fell still, I went outside the camping tent and saw a huge avalanche surging towards Basecamp, rolling away from Mt Pumori (a 7,161 m peak opposite Everest). I believed no one at Basecamp would endure. The only choice was to run inside the dining camping tent and come down.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Well, since you put on to eat meat, we wondered is lobster ok?

The first question of us remain at Hoshinoya Fuji, Japan s first glamping resort in the Yamanashi prefecture, west of Tokyo, suggested this was going to be a rather good break.

As soon as the menu was decided, my sweetheart and I were asked to take our choice from the option of elegant rucksacks filled with camping necessities head torch, roll mat, water bottle to hold on to throughout our stay. They were not, as I found embarrassingly at have a look at, for us to keep visit .

Minutes later we were driven in a 4x4 to two rows of exactly what appeared like huge concrete periscopes, extending from the land. These were revealed to be 40 cabins, created by Azuma Architect & Associates, whose highlight was floor-to-wall windows on to the snow-capped cone of Mt Fuji, Japan's highest peak.


Friday, March 14, 2014

5 unique hotels to remain in Asia

Forget staying in regular hotels while holidaying in Asia. Consider investing the night or more in among these out-the box places for an unforgettable-- and Instagram-worthy-- weekend vacation.

Eden Motel, Taiwan

If you are a Batman fan, or just a movie geek in basic, you should include the Eden Motel to your bucket list. As the name recommends, it is not a hotel, however a motel, which indicates it is not proper for you to bring your whole household to stay in this hotel - certainly, rooms can be rented by the hour. From the outdoors, Eden Motel looks similar to a routine motel; however, each of its spaces has its own distinct design, such as the Alcatraz, Egyptian and New York rooms. But the one that's been producing a buzz on the web is the Batman room. Available to lease at a beginning price of US$ 56.8 for three hours, it is equipped with miniature gargoyles, bat cave-style walls and Batman posters.

Monday, March 10, 2014